View Full Version : Devs- my feedback on livestream

08-22-2016, 02:13 PM
I was working Friday so I missed it live, but checked it out later. I like where you guys are headed with Defiance. This new event looks great & I love the Synergy. I believe Spinal Tap is the best thing since sliced bread, but this one will give it a run for it's money.

Your livestream cleared many Defiance related thoughts I have- events, future, syphon, exchange, etc. I was bummed that WM weapons won't be supremed, but I get it.

One item I really want you to consider (or reconsider) is chips offered in Cyber rig vendor. It's nice to get specific weapon drops in expo- but I never get the ones I want or need. It's more futile to purchase boxes, and I won't buy anymore. It is beyond frustrating to pull a OJ Chip (yay!) only to see it's your... second chip... for BMG. It makes me want to quit the game.

So, I'm respectfully submitting my request- Please bring those specific chips back. We will all appreciate it. We will still play expos, those people who buy boxes, will still buy boxes. It would remove some of the grind from the game. Granted- anybody who is 6000 ego & completed all of the PvP pursuits- have done some PC grinding ;) but its not the futile grind that looking for chips has become.

IF... you would sell Specific OJ chips in the bit store- people would buy them. I bought the Sentinel bundle for that rig, so others & myself would buy specific items.

Thanks for listening.