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08-23-2016, 02:25 AM
Howdy All!

I'm hoping to get Mod Buying/Selling/Trading available as the first update to Hulker Cafe and I've gone over the site's old mod list which I stopped updating around DLC5 in early 2014. There are a couple of name changes plus the addition of T5 mods, but a few questions remain I hope someone can help me with:

Neither Chimera nor Paradise Territory sell BMGs, Infectors or Rocket Launchers thus there are no T5 mods for those weapon types. I have never pulled a T5 mod from an Elite Mod Hoarde for those weapon types. Can anyone confirm that T5 mods actually exist for them?

There used to be Toxic converters available. Do they still exist or were they transformed into Radiation in people's inventories?

Incendiary and Radiation Pistol Converters used to just be called "Incendiary Converter" and "Radiation Converter". Were they transformed in inventory? Either way I will only be using the new names, just curious.

For some reason Launch Scope IV has an Aim Accuracy of -0.35 instead of -.040 at least on the one in my inventory. This doesn't follow the pattern of all other weapons, is it a bug?

Does Catalyst Injector only exist in T1/T2? Likewise Controlled Burst Magazine T2, Catalytic Amplifier T1/T2, Shot Catalyst T1/T2 and Rifle Catalyst Injector T1/T2? I don't have any T3 or higher versions of these in my inventory.

Things like Tachyon Project I actually exist as I've gotten them off the ground even though they don't show up at the vendor. Related to the previous question is it best I just allow every mod to be selectable at T1-T5 with any non-backpack synergy (since Launch Scope has T1 synergies)?

Thanks for your help!

Smokey Black
08-23-2016, 04:26 AM
There are t5 infector and rocket launcher mods they dropped from bit store boxes during this last solstace strike (eternal presence syn)

I would assume the corrosive converter would still exist but I have never seen one, that would be very rare today.

And the burst mag/ nano% mags only drop t1/t2.

I would assume you can now get t5 bmg and any other mod from mercenary supply crate.