View Full Version : My only complaint

04-07-2013, 09:37 AM
The weapons. Currently 322 Ego and ive switched weapons only to max AR skill but until I find or can buy a new one to max the skill again I go back to using the same AR I got in the begining due to the overall DPS.

I also noticed that the weapons you can buy with script and reputation are horrible as well. I kind of figured they would be better since it might take a bit to obtain them but the overall dps on them is worse then 3/4 the white or green drops.

When checking one of the reputations shops the one in the crater all the weps had base dmg of 40. Sure they have extra stats for the class and also mod slots but regardless of what you add to them it wont help you very much.

If they are going to have weapons like that where you obtain with hard work it should atleast be decent instead of horrible imo.