View Full Version : Stacked Bio: my suggestion.

10-31-2016, 03:11 AM
A lot of us are familiar with the stacked-bio bug. It happens when a player is shot with a Biological weapon that has a high nano proc chance and a fire rate that allows for it to keep reapplying Bio consistently, such as the Until Death, or when a player is affected bt 2 different sources of Bio, such as a Cymatic Empowerment Bio weapon.
While there's supposed to be a Nano cooldown, it doesn't seem to take into account theze scenarios, nor the scenario of multiple entities applying Bio to another entity apparently. As such, here's my suggestion:

Instead of having a cooldown on the person that applies the nano, have a cooldown for how often a nano can be applied to a certain person.

To clarify:

Instead of this:

Person A applies Bio to person B. Person A now cannot apply Bio to anyone for 15 seconds.

Have this:

Person A applies Bio to Person B. Person B rolls off Bio, and now Person B cannot get Bio'd for 7 seconds (the cooldown must be shorter for balance reasons).

Your thoughts on this?

10-31-2016, 04:37 AM
Would person B also be immune to their own bio nades or sludges etc if the cool down was applied.

If so not a good idea and would lead to further calls of exploitation in pvp.

I think the answer is for the devs to fix the problem and not import a work around.