View Full Version : Returning player: Checking in

11-27-2016, 12:16 AM
How's it going everyone? Returning player here wanting to know the state of the game since I've been gone. I started on 360 and I ended up buying the game on Steam years ago (forgot I did that to be honest. Never got around to playing it.). I went back on Steam and noticed mostly positive reviews, but they were lack luster. Recently I've been playing ff14 and wildstar which are fun and just wanted to know how defiance is holding up. I checked some General Discussion threads with some tense or apathetic subject about the game, but it's too much info for me to go through to get the idea how the game is today. Can someone give me a quick run-down or if you have the time, A timeline would be nice.

11-27-2016, 11:14 AM
Welcome back. I don't know when you stopped playing. But this might be a useful place to start: http://www.defiancedata.com/returning

As far as the current state of the game overall, reading these forums probably will tell you everything you need to know. Bottom line: Defiance is a good game with lots of upsides and a great community, but many feel the development team seems absolutely intent on alienating it's player base -- especially those who have stuck with it for a long time. My personal opinion is that they have made some very good changes and additions recently but have also made some horrible decisions that left many players very unhappy -- as any business model based on declining rewards and scarcity will. There are also several game-play issues that have been around in one variation or another for years that have not been addressed and apparently never will be.

Finally, once you have had a chance to get in-game and look round, you might want to consider joining a clan if you are not already in one. Your clannies can update you also. They also can console you once you start to feel that you have been "Trioned." :cool: