View Full Version : some problems that need to be addressed badly

04-07-2013, 01:59 PM
Ok, so some of the issues about this game that have been driving me absolutely mad lately.

In game voice. Turn it off, but still, every time you enter a team its on again. Please fix this because the open mic's are incredibly annoying.

Crashing during pvp matches. It seems I can't go 2 consecutive pvp matches without losing connection. This never occurs anywhere else, just in pvp.

Bugged missions. So far, the types of bugs that I've encountered on missions are, endless spawning of mobs, so much so that you can't complete the mission, or mission objectives that you can't click on (interact with) even if there are no mobs around. Of course when you log out and back in again to try and correct the issue (this works on occasion) then it starts you quite a distance from where you where standing. I haven't been keeping track of the mission names that are displaying these bugs, though I did submit one to support recently that had the endless mass spawning with the mission name, so hopefully these can be addressed.

Also, unless there is a HUGE gap between killing Nim, and the next portion of the main story line, I am very disappointed in this game. After the 3rd day of playing, I've finished all of the main story missions, and doing the side missions gets boring. So what's left, ark falls, pvp, instancing? I do all of these, but I feel that I've reached the end of the game already. I mean really, I paid over 100$ for the game (with tax) and its over already? The ark fall rewards are a joke so if there is one near by where I am I might participate if I feel up to it. The instancing rewards are a joke so its again one of those things that I do from time to time when I'm bored. So what's left, pvp? I crash every other match so then that just gets me aggravated.

I want to support this game, I really do, but its becoming increasingly difficult to do. I understand whole heartily that this is launch week, and there will be problems for a few more weeks while things get ironed out, but the feeling that I've already beaten the game leaves me looking for reasons to log in.