View Full Version : Not Another put Defiance on next-gen thread

01-09-2017, 03:22 AM
Hi everybody it's be a while, I think it goes without saying that Defiance should go to PS4 and XB1. Personally I highly,highly doubt that it ever will,sadly. At least not the way we want it to anyway,Defiance for me is a truly special game for a number of reasons. I am and always have been a console player I also have always mainly been a lone-wolf when it comes to gaming. Defiance is the first MMO I ever played,when I first started playing I was extremely skeptical of the whole playing a game with random people online thing.lol I actually played for quite some time by myself kind of freaked out by the idea of interacting with randoms . Thankfully I got over that quickly and have made some amazing friends here. One of the best things about Defiance is how easy it is to meet new people. You can easily communicate with everyone. I'm sure there are other games out there that are the same way. But for me Defiance is really the only game where meeting people isn't somewhat awkward and uncomfortable.lol I certainly know that Destiny and Elder Scrolls Online are not fun places to find friends. Aside from the social aspect Defiance's gameplay is super fun and the lore is good too. There is so much potential with Defiance on next-gen I think in order for us to see Defiance on PS4 and XB1 it'd take Trion making a sequel or at least a new game set in the Defiance universe. If not a new Defiance hopefully they'll at least make a MMO similar to Defiance. I know Trove is out on PS4 and XB1 I've been meaning to check it out but haven't gotten around to it. I'm sure it's an alright game but it certainly ain't no Defiance I can already tell you that...