View Full Version : Here my way to balance shotgun (THE best way)

04-07-2013, 02:43 PM
Hello everyone,it's me again.

i played many pvp games now and i think i know what should happen to the shotgun.I think that atm,the shotgun attack range and fall of damage is a bit too high.Here what i think about them:

-make slug shotgun a tad more accurate
-increase fall off damage range of shotgun,exception of the slug one
-reduce shotgun accuracy by a tad
-increase shotgun damage by around 5%
-reduce fire rate by nearly 5%
-a 1.7x modifier on headshoot.

i really think that you should be able to hit anyone with a shotgun at 40 range,and do less than 1/4 of shotgun damage at 30 range.should do full damage at 10 range(put a marker in your map to see what this distance reprensent)

that way,it would

-increase it's damage for shorter range
-reduce the effective range of a normal shotgun

pve: make them a tad more effective (who doesn't stick to the target when using a shotgun ANYWAY?)