View Full Version : Here my way to balance noobtube! (THE best way)

04-07-2013, 03:03 PM
Hello everyone,it's me again.

i played many pvp games now and i think i know what should happen to the grenade launcher.

in my opinion,the grenade launcher ,atm ,shoot a tad too fast,have a too fast reload time,too many mag clip ,and ,yea,i think it's aoe is too short.I also think that it's aoe damage is too high,while it's main damage is a tad short.

here what i think should be change:

-reduce fire rate of at least 10%
-increase reload time by at least 25%
-reduce mag clip by somewhat 20%
-increase aoe by around 5%
-increase main damage by 15%
-increase fall off damage (i mean,the farther you are the explosion) should be INCREASE BY ALOT,in a exponential way.

What will result of those change :

-Require a more skilled use of the grenade launcher
-The burst damage should increase when the grenade hit the target (or explode on the target)
-the burst damage should be really lower when it explose a tad off the target (i really think that at 2 meter away,it should be 3/4 damage right away,and at 5 meter 1/5)
-less spam

PVE: Higner DoT (more damage per clip)and less dps(more burst,but less sustained)