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01-28-2017, 01:45 PM
Shield, rig, ego, consumables, weapons etc etc.

Just wanted to know what people use :D

01-28-2017, 02:37 PM
There are several load outs you probably need with in any particular expo and not just per expo.

I have 4 Loadouts I use for Expos that change per expo run..

You will end up with a lot of Loadouts. Good luck.

01-30-2017, 08:23 AM
Hey Starlord sorry for the delay when I first saw this post I was at work. Some people as Logain pointed out have 4 different loadouts one for each run. I personally only use one load-out and have a couple minor tweaks for the first one that I implement.

I swap between UD and Misantrhope depending if my self-revive is up or not. In Hellbugs I use the Immunize perk and in war below I use the fire resist perk instead. I used to pair my primary weapon with Critical Mass and an EXL Darkest Hour Wetwork Shield. But am currently experimenting with at Firewall load out of an FRC Sludge RL Firewall syn and EXL Darkest Hour Firewall syn, I've paired this with my Sentinel Rig because on shield break it fixes two armor plates when the Firewall syn and Sentinel Rig proc together.

My Misanthrope is very specifically designed for Crit (which cost me a fortune in AF) but it has Dmg, Crit, Ego on reload, reload, accuracy and Fira. All my weapons have Ego on Reload but that's just my personal preference. I like to be in OC as much as possible.

Loadout is Misanthrope, Firewall weapon (or Superiority), Firewall EXL Darkest Hour, Sentinel Rig, Flashbang Nades, Ammo Spikes, Armor Repair stims.

Perks : Thick Skinned, Immunized, Cellular Armor, Pumped Up, Overload, Single Minded, Quick Charge, Killing Machine. Last one is Optional and switches between Timeout or Self Medicated or Gunslingers or Deadly Cascade.

As I said when running something other then Hellbugs I switch Immunized to either Blast Shied or Heat Shield.

***I've heard that some people like to use the Defiant Few Shotgun in Heaven Sent but don't have one so never had a chance to try it out myself.

Jack Robo
01-30-2017, 08:46 AM
for all but hs ...decadence chaos turmoil cc rig..perma ego power bc of cooldowns...
hs..whatever someone from the order says i good :)
Also a self revive gun helps too

01-30-2017, 11:01 AM
For each loadout I rotate a High Cap shield with a nano resist that the particualr enemy of that expo uses. I swap out shields before we initially go in. Usually swap to Guardian Angel for boss level.

Preview of my four loadouts are:

W1 Semi Automatic Sniper Rifle with Lifesteal and/or plate slicer
W2 Tahcmag Pulser with Lifesteal
G: Bio or Electric

Notes: Nanos of each gun are usually Fire, Rad, Syphon or Bio depending on expo. Used mostly during the first 2 levels of humanoid expos when the targets are far away or far below. Make liberal use of damage spikes. Primary use when solo'ing levels and usually swap to when there are Biomen or Tanker Mini Bosses or Helion Boss. Sometimes a lifesteal wolfhound is hot-swapped out here when facing Boss in small space boss level.

W1 Tachmag Pulser or Blast Rifle with Lifesteal
W2 Boomer Variant or Ground Pounder Variant
G: Bio or Electric

Notes: Nano of the automatic is usually Rad of Fire depending on the enemies in Expo. I use this loadout with a Ground Pounder Primarily at boss levels (Hivelord, Hulker, Jackson, Marshall). I use the Boomer (sometimes the GP depending on nanos my Teammates are using) primarily in Hellbug Hunt. Make liberal use of DMG spikes to boost Detonators power.

W1 Tachmag Pulser or Carbine with Lifesteal and/or plate slicer
W2 Blaster Variant with LifeSteal
G: Electric

Notes: Nano of the TMP or Carbine is usually Bio while the nano of the Blaster is either Fire, Rad, sometimes Syphon. This loadout is used for Bulwarks to strip plates quickly and then use a Fire Blaster with a DMG spike to melt the thing. This loadout is modifed with a Syphon Blaster for Dekuso boss.

W1 Incinerator
W2 Lifesteal weapon usually and TMP, BR, Blaster, High Crit Weapon.
G: Electric or Bio

Notes: This loadout is for use of well coordinated teams within tight corridors of humanoid levels. Not boss level. This loadout sets humanoids on fire for more damage by team members while keeping the long range shooters at bay. Lay fire to everyone when first going into room then clean up with your Lifesteal weapon of choice I tend to lean towards high crit guns or TMP in which I do not suffer from mobility.

Finally a note on Expo strategy.
First is the very basic that all enemies are right handed (you too btw), so make use of this fact and use cover appropriately and makes use of DMG spikes strategically placed out of harms way but in a way that can benefit you and your team.

When ever you go into a room that is not the boss level always focus fire on the most dangerous enemy first. That means you should focus fire as a team on Mini Bosses that are far away but can reach you with their guns (Bombers, Tankers, Plague Bringers, Gunners) then focus fire on enemies right in your face. But pay attention to the Rioter and the Fire Mutant Mini Bosses that get right in your face. Focus fire on them and back pedal away. Electric Grenades are great for removing the shields of mini bosses with shields and slowing down their attack. One electric Blast rifle in the group is also good at this. One Sludger (Sludge RL, Corruptor) in the group is also good at slowing down the enemy from charging your location. After mini bosses any target that can get you from far away like Snipers or Rocketmen should be next on focus fire list. Then finally all the adds starting with those closest to you or your group.

For Boss levels, in general it is most advantageous to attack and kill all the adds first (with the exception that the boss is on its last go round and is close to death in health). in particular, taking care of other mini-bosses (Tankers and Bombers first). Then focus fire on the boss. Good luck and happy hunting.