View Full Version : Trion, did you seriously nerf the spawn rate of the zombie sieges and emergencies?

02-13-2017, 04:56 AM
I have noticed the kent farm siege/incursions that used to spawn very regularly are extremely sparse now. That is probably one of the best events in the game..and im sure you can tell from the level of player participation vs the crappy volge sieges that the players enjoy the zombie sieges and their payout far more also..

If this is about nerfing an arkforge source..that is just sad since you obviously don't care that people can spam co-op's for 3x the AF/time that the zombie events pay out with a good score.

You are seriously out of touch with your player base and flat out trying to milk blood from a stone if you think that eliminating one of the last enjoyable world events is going to be good for the longivity of the game.

TLDR: We want more zombies, fewer volge..get it straight..