View Full Version : Hotfix for Colony Courtship - Why bother?

02-17-2017, 02:50 AM
You put out a almost 200mb hotfix to fix:

Fixed a bug preventing the store image for the B-Squad pack from appearing
Removed the glowing animation from the Jackpot weapon Metamorph. This was not an intended VFX.

This was a waste of your time and mine. The download is no problem but it's the application of the patch that is annoying enough that I'm writing this message. 30~+ minutes to apply a patch that's less than 200 mb. Something is seriously wrong with this game because this is a relatively fresh install (a few months). I could understand doing a hotfix for something essential that was causing performance issues or game malfunctions that prevent the game from being played the way it was intended. Checking if the correct image in the store is being displayed for a new item is rudimentary testing. So what I've learned from this hotfix is that you put out patches either with NO testing or your testing lead doesn't know how to come up with a detailed enough testing plan. Come on guys this is some elementary level bs.

And to all the fanboys that are going to come to their defense ..!.. (imagine fingers)

02-17-2017, 04:28 AM
So you're basically giving everyone here the middle finger. Best of luck to you.

02-17-2017, 06:24 AM
Yesterday's 4.284 GB Rainbow Six Siege update only took 15 minutes to download and install.

Sorry it took you more than 30 minutes to download a mere 200 MB update, OP...

"It is what it is."

Mr Devlin
02-17-2017, 09:12 AM
Check the OP join date and number of posts... Ignore