View Full Version : you guys think there will be a special bonus if you pre-order?

09-19-2012, 06:08 PM
just wondering

Night Hawke
09-19-2012, 06:24 PM
I would guess yes. Nothing has been confirmed and we are a long way from when we will be able to get them to talk about those things. but since pretty much all mmo's do i would bet this one will too.

09-20-2012, 12:06 AM
again it really comes down to how they market the game, im sure there will be something but with pre purchasing playing a large role in the games industry now and digital deluxe editions there will almost be something that they do

be it extra weapons
different atvs
founders icons

10-09-2012, 02:39 AM
Well Im a big fan of pre-order giving early access, worked for Rift and also worked for SWTOR, it also offers the opportunity of not swamping the servers on its first day of release.

Founders Icon, err no, pointless. Something similar if you provided valuable feedback during BETA stages would make more sense.

Mounts, Nah you want to progress to mounts. You dont want to miss all the early action by nipping past on your mount.

I say early access, and possible a single item that grows with character progression like the armour found on WoW youd buy to ease the levelling of an ALT, cant remember exactly what it was called.


Since I posted the above they have announced that Defiance will be a Hybrid business model, so I doubt they will give you anything for pre-order, I can see there being a Digital deluxe version or a limited edition version that probably will include some in game offering plus some physical goodies for the limited edition.