View Full Version : Customer service at it's finest..smh

03-30-2017, 12:18 PM



So, it appears that with no response to these 3 threads ( since other more recent threads/questions have been adressed ) regarding people being awarded incorrect Karma dropped jackpots...that the devs are going to do nothing about it.

Well, you've dropped the ball on this one. After acknowledging...and deploying a hotfix because YOUR initial patch had a bug that incorrectly caused CC jackpots to drop during a community voted event...you've chosen NOT to allow those with incorrect jackpots a chance for a replacement to one of the current event.

Now, while I'm certainly no game developer and have no idea as to the level of customer service training one would receive, if any...I can certainly say ( from many years in the customer service industry as well as running my own business ) that when you have an error on your end that affects your customers...it's a no brainer to remedy the situation by making things right with your customer.

While it's all fine and dandy that you've deployed a fix for your bug that will now grant Karma recipients the proper jackpot pool drop, you haven't even acknowleged the requests and questions of those affected by your error! It doesn't matter whether this so called bug was within your control or not. The problem existed on your end, not that of the player.

I'm not sure how may players incorrectly received cc jackpots ( it certainly can't be that many ), nor how many are unhappy that they did , but clearly you have some that aren't happy that their Karma was wasted by receiving a jackpot that was: unexpected, unwanted, and in most cases, a jackpot that they can't even get mods for. Do you expect us to purchase CC boxes from the bit store in an attempt to get mods for theses weapons? I wouldn't be surprised if you did but don't hold your breath that will happen!

For me, when it was acknowleged that cc jackpots weren't supposed to be dropping, a re-roll, replacement, or some sort of compensation should have been immediately offered to those who wanted and expected ( from their "paid for" karma) , a jackpot from the current ( community voted, I might add ) events. While it may be just a jackpot, it took many hours to build up Karma for the current event but I shouldn't even have to justify that.. The simple fact of the matter is...your game bug affected myself and others and your response was "sorry for the inconvenience". It is now just as much, if not more about the principle of the matter as it is about the wrong jackpot drop.

Finally, I have to say, it's pretty sad when my 12 yr old nephew ( who shares in playing the game with me ) says..." how come they can just hand out big prizes on the livestream and thousands of gifts for clan events, but can't even fix our jackpot when their game screwed up? " I suppose it will be a learning lesson for for him... The customer is "not" always right, but when they are, and still get swept under the carpet, it's time to reconsider investing your hard earned money into that company as well as share this experience through multiple platforms for others to see in the hopes they won't have to suffer the same shoddy service as myself and others have