View Full Version : 7Th Legion (X360NA) Welcomes All To The Defiance 4th Anniversary Celebration!!

Cee Wig
03-31-2017, 08:03 AM
The 7th Legion is very proud to be hosting this years Anniversary Event. Below is a list of our activities for this weekend that will be held at Muir Station.

Muir Fest
Car Show and Races Sat April 1st 11 AM Central Time @ Muir
Bring your pimped out Paradise ride for Raffles and races to the coast!! All vehicle classes welcome. Races will also be held at random locations across the map throughout the day so keep your eyes on zone chat.

Tumultuous Pit
Death Match
Sat April 1st Beginning @ 3 PM Central Time @ Muir
Bring your skills to the Tumultuous Pit Gladiator Arena @ Muir where death is certain. Face off against opponents in a variety of battles to include Adam and Eve matches, single and 3 man competitions, 8 man elimination matches and more!!

Tumultuous Pit
TRUE OP OG Championship Death Match
Sun April 2nd Beginning @ 2 PM Central Time @ Muir
Clan Leaders bring your Champion with his/her best gear to the Pit to prove once and for all who is the TRUE OP OG in Defiance!!

There will also be raffles, races, bounty hunts, hide-and-seek challenges and other fun games that will be announced in zone throughout the day so keep yours eyes on zone!!

Emma jr
04-03-2017, 08:24 AM
Good job on your event had fun