View Full Version : ASGARD SIEGE Clan Anniversary Event! EU

03-31-2017, 09:46 AM
Hy all

first i wanne say thx to the Trion clan, Reaper, Lara end the whole ASGARD clan, to make this possible.

This is what whe will do:
on saterday and Sunday whe will run some ASGARD SIEGE +- every houre. whe will announce in zone when there will be a siege that ASGARD wil run.

this will be between 12.00 en 24.00 UK time.

when whe announce a ASGARD SIEGE(in zone chat), whe will announce 3 numbers.

The person who end up whit one of this 3 nummerbers in score tabel wil win a code.

I did scramble the codes, so what nr is a jacpot and what nur is a normal box (whit 5%jp). i dont know :)

Good luck and see you all @ ASGARD SIEGE

TIP: sent some frind invite's to ASGARD members, so you can teleport faster :)

If you have quistions, you can pm me

ps : sry for my perfect english