View Full Version : when is armistist suposed to start.

04-08-2017, 11:53 AM
took the month of march off because they said there was going to be no event in march and there's some weird event goin on now.

04-08-2017, 11:55 AM
I'd like to know as well please

04-08-2017, 11:56 AM
Armistist was March. Over now. Event Horizon running.

04-08-2017, 12:50 PM
Its been done mate... March was the event your asking about. It was a 4 week event. And enjoyed Armistist.

This one now NEW HORIZON used to be called death n taxes I think. Has been nothing but problems. And the d/c's

But anyways you missed it.

04-08-2017, 12:50 PM
it wasn't going to be in March but it was,it ended on Monday

Light Energy
04-08-2017, 12:54 PM
Armistice was from 6th March for 4 weeks:

The current syphon-based event, called "Event Horizon" started on 3rd April (and finishes 24th April):

I can understand why you took a break after the streaming marathon giveaway stuff...but sorry, you missed Armistice :(.

With that being said, if you want to try the Guard Armament or Assualt Armament backpack synergies, you can still get the Armament Lock boxes (http://forums.defiance.com/showthread.php?256381-Armament-Lock-Box-Staying-on-Vendors) from various vendors for 210 reputation.

04-09-2017, 03:20 AM
You missed it was whole last month 😂