View Full Version : FitGaming Clan Recruiting *CLAN BOOSTS*

04-07-2013, 05:14 PM
Hey guys, FitGaming is now recruiting for XBOX 360 on Defiance. We are a group of gamers that also take pride in fitness. We have a livestream at twitch.tv/tcurnutte and twitch.tv/jschluep (twitch.tv/jschluep) We are looking for xbox gamers that just want to relax and have a good time hanging out. FitGaming isnt just for fit gamers. Any gamers that are just looking for some kind of community that encourages healthy living and having DAMN fun playing games! You can add me in game my XBL GT is FG FitGamer.
Glad to announce Clan EGO boost! How long will it last? FOREVER!!

Also make sure to check out our community youtube at This Link (youtube.com/user/tcurnuttegaming)

Stream times: tcurnutte (twitch.tv/tcurnutte)
Monday-Thursday : 9AM-4PM EST
Friday-Sunday: 9:30-1AM EST*
*Stream times may change, I dedicated weekends more for youtube content

Stream times: jschluep (twitch.tv/jschluep)
Monday-Thursday : 9AM-4PM EST
Friday-Sunday: 9:30-1AM EST

What are we offering?

Daily Open Parties
Arkfall Marathons
Tips and help for members on missions
Coop Map play daily
PVP Nights!

What are we looking for?

Gamers Must be over 18 years old
Have a headset and able to party chat
Have a fun time and relax and just enjoy playing with friends
Be casual, we arent looking for hardcore elite players, although some of you may be just that. We are here to grow a fun community.

How to apply:

Xbox live GT
MMO Experience
FPS Experience
Play style? Casual, Hardcore, PVP
Time you play the most?

If we get this community growing I will also make a website for everyone to check out every day with forums and such. I am a web designer so that comes easily. Also will be doing custom forum signatures for people! Please comment and leave me some feedback on what else we can do! Thanks guys! Don't for get to give the post a /bump