View Full Version : New Super Rare Jackpot

04-29-2017, 01:35 PM
A new SRJP (super rare jackpot) on par with Sol Destroyer, Celestial Wrath, Etc.

Liquidation (An electric & fire nano blast rifle)
x0.90 Reload
x1.30 Mag
x0.90 Accuracy
x0.60 Recoil
x1.15 Fire Rate
x1.15 DMG
x0.00 N/A

Paradox (Synergy)
[1] +50% Armor plate damage, +25% Armor plate damage taken
[2] On shield break, +50% damage taken, +50% fire rate 5s
[3] Damaging a target auto shrills and syphons for 5s [15s cooldown]
[4] Damaging a target, gain green power from dark matter arkfalls for 10s [70s cooldown]

This weapon would come with fully tier five modded and would not be back pack synergy. removing the mods or putting any other mods on it would mess up the synergy. forcing the weapon to be used as it is, with what mods are on it. All Liquidations would come with same mods,
Bloom x0.75
Recoil x.0.75
Aim DMG x1.11
Hip DMG x1.11
Mag x1.75
Accuracy -0.50
Movement Accuracy x0.75

Liquidation would have a base color of all white, with glow spots of red and blue. For it's skin texture.

And shouldn't ALL super rare jackpots be an exclusive color so that all players know these are no ordinary jackpots, but literally super ones. I was thinking all super rare jackpots should be, T6, TIER Vll, Super Supreme, Red. you would gain no extra color roll or better mastery, just change the color from yellow to red, on Celestial Wrath, Mobile Fortress, Sol Destoryer, Quantum Garrison, Etc. so all players on inspect will know "oh that's a super rare jackpot"