View Full Version : A SENSIBLE REVIEW 'eu servers' (defiance week one)

04-07-2013, 05:45 PM
most mmos are notorious for lag, problems with signing in, pre order redeemable content etc etc etc being a problem near release,defiance took off with ALL these problems.

its week one and the game has become better, we are now experiencing less lag, less and less log in problems and an over all smoother game.

so for week one for a new mmo, defiance is doin a good job, obviously people will moan, but people have the right to there opinions and the right to not be happy with the game. its a real shame so many people have had problems with this game, but its also a real shame that a lot of people don't understand how games like this work.

but apart from that, defiance has been a very enjoyable mmo so far, it has its problems no doubt, but in time these will be ironed out, most mmos submit to loosing gameplay so they can actually be an mmo. no mmo will ever be as smooth as a title on its own, so its very refreshing to see an game that's both an mmo but has great gameplay.

I hope more and more people have less problems with this game bcos once it gets going its great.