View Full Version : Purified Gualanite Boost?

Johnny Dbag
06-21-2017, 10:39 AM
Any thoughts or plans to add a purified gualanite boost to the store? Seems like you could swap out the salvage boost for purified gualanite. I doubt anyone actually buys the salvage boost, and I would wager the purified gualanite boost would be well received.

06-21-2017, 10:45 AM
Saw someone mention this in a different thread but i agree with you...would definitely be well received.

Johnny Dbag
11-09-2017, 05:40 PM
Maybe time for more forum support on this idea?

11-09-2017, 05:51 PM
This is a great idea...but that would mean that patron pass holders would get a PG boost automatically, and from the weekly arkhunter reward box may also have a chance for a few hours of PG boost.

If this was implemented, I may even start buying Patron Pass again!

Chump Norris
11-10-2017, 03:26 AM
I guess I support this, would like Trion to keep making money so the game hopefully outlives this Ex Inanis phase.

11-10-2017, 03:32 AM
Remember the luck bonus they use to have in the store?

6ft lower
11-10-2017, 11:16 AM
Do it. DO IT NOW!!

Johnny Dbag
11-10-2017, 11:20 AM
Remember the luck bonus they use to have in the store?
While I do not remember those, (keep in mind for the first three months or so I played I had no idea what all the gibberish in the lower right corner of the screen was) I have often thought about something like that, and wondered why it was not an option. Although given the game's RNG, I could not see it helpingthat much, lol.