View Full Version : Removing bit store only jps?

06-25-2017, 04:04 AM
If perfected weapons have a chance to drop any weapon from any synergy with any nano, what's the point of removing bit store only jps from Py'numbra vendor? I could potentially get a better version or even better weapon type then a bit store only jp. Should they remove all bit store syns from this new update, no guns/mods possible? Why not then remove all older syns that have been given a second life through loyalty vendor. Some people might not have been around for older events. I've been playing year and half, I've only seen plate slicer/sat/others as a pay syn through loyalty vendor or bit store.
I get that someone had to pay for bits to get certain syns. But other syns in a way have also become like that. I feel like removing some now will only lead to others being removed/reduced in the future.
I think a spinal tap AR or an epidemic mass cannon would be great, chances are I won't get, but still fun to imagine.