View Full Version : Need some advice

08-18-2017, 06:06 PM
I really want a pandemonium blast bolter.

How will i be able to get this wep after i exhausted all my options.

These were my options:
I farmed for keycodes.
I used scrip to buy keycodes.


HELP ME, PLZ. thank you.

David Irwin
08-18-2017, 06:16 PM
in the nearly 4 years of playing this game, quite often, i can still count on 1 hand the number of jp drops i gotten from 64 keys. i was stoked to see pandemonium get into the boxes but im fairly certain the only way ill ever get one is from trading, unless they plan to leave pandemonium in there for a year or so.

Johnny Stranger
08-18-2017, 06:22 PM
No jp or pandie guns for me either ... now to drop 1 gun you want , most likely not gonna happen to be honest . I'll watch the chat for you though

08-18-2017, 06:24 PM
No luck over here either ill keep a lookout and keep farming off the 64 LB for one noble.(Want a pand syn chango fragger also :o)

08-19-2017, 01:52 AM
Dang. I wish it had an easier way to get 1.

Kathy selling a pandemonium bio fragger
Kingdead selling a pandemonium GP (det)

Thank you guys some much for the reply.