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09-23-2012, 07:46 AM
It is well known that Trueskill games (where the player has to aim for himself) have the aiming controlled Client-Side. This is a well known vulnerability of the game to cheaters.

Lately, I haven't seen a single trueskill game that is not infected by cheaters, no matter whether it's P2P or F2P. Worst experience were Crossfire, APB (which i still play) District186 Beta and BF3.
BF3 was P2P but cheaters and cheat sites didnt mind much. A cheating site did even set up a contest of aimbot (instahook as they call it) kills and they gave out a $1000 price to the first winner. Even in District 186 Beta, within the first two hours of the beta test, we saw a guy using aimbot.

So, my question is, how is Trion Worlds going to address this issue?
Cause banning is DEFINATELLY not enough as we 've been taught by BF3.

09-23-2012, 05:24 PM
Trueskill is a matchmaking system. How is Trueskill related to cheating?

10-08-2012, 07:36 AM
Im sure TW will do their best to limit the cheating, but thing about games of complexity such as these its inevitable that someone will find a previously undiscovered glitch/hack/bot that works to their favour. As an example with RIFT you could level to 49 lock your experience bar then farm the hell out of PVP bracket raking in the honour, and buy class sets way before was normally able. I know this because loads of ppl did it. Youd have a 49 Rift Blade fully pre 50 Epics (48-49s) and hed destroy the field racking up insane amounts kills at such a level, and as the saying goes if you cant beat them join them, so I did something similar with my cleric, just had to kite the hell out of the RBs though.

Their solution in the end was a simple one, they removed the lock experience bar option and that at least solved that problem

So fear not, they will listen to the player community and will take relevant action.

Spider Man
07-17-2015, 06:13 PM
Is this still happening

07-18-2015, 03:25 AM
Is this still happening

Yes(even on PS3),and please don't necro.

07-18-2015, 04:18 AM
Wow this has to be one of the oldest threads ever to be revived

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2.5 year old necro, pretty impressive. Might as well write Julius Caesar a letter asking about the weather.

07-20-2015, 07:05 AM
still a valid issue though if nothing has been done or nothing will be done about it. But it's not simply an issue of aimbotting and how would you tell in the first place if someone was, I personally enjoy the pvp in this game ( for the most part) and like a lot i assume, hated it when I and the players I started the game with first tried pvp and was put off instantly by it for several thousend ego points, only to join the pvp when i realised it was going to be a requirement (as it should be, although some of the pursuits need tweaking or at least parts of them removed or nerfed) anyway; the Issue in my mind is more one of connection rates, server load, lag plays a Huge part in it from what I can see depending on where in the world you are playing from, I mean you could shoot someone in the head and they aparently have done the same at the same time or after you have shot as you see crit numbers show up, and i dont think you could see that if you were dead, all you would see would be that great menu in the sky, you die and in the killcam (which should be removed imo) they have taken 0 damage, now if you got shot in the head I can understand that you'd be dead (well in most cases anyway, but that would depend on the damage value of your gun i supose, but when you cannot get a more damaging lets say sniper rifle, you kinda expect players to die from that) anyway; 0 damage; if you both took a headshot you should atleast both be dead, I think that would at least be fair, or at the very least the other player should have taken some damage so that mabe someone else could finish them off if its a server/latency issue maybe the latency could be evened out somehow. This whole issue of not taking damage or taking less damage using lesser or no damage resistence perks than yourself or dealing out more damage than yourself with the same or a lesser gun is one that comes up more often than it should and its usually the same players time and time again and it doesnt matter with them which gun you use or if you shoot first or if they are killing someone else at the time you start shooting them and they have time to shoot at you, which weapons and shoot and kill you All The Time While You Are Shooting Them and yes its with a superiour weapon or at least an equivelent weapon. when the killcam is shown these players lag and jump and glitch about unlike any other player who die faster/almost instantly than these players and yet have more defenses inplace. the lagging and glitching also makes them more difficult targets as they apear to pause and hang in mid air, should be an easier target you'd say, but no, they aren't actually where they are drawn in a lot of the time and glitch along as they move so if you go to shoot them the are simply not there, must be the connection or the computer you say, but other players move and shoot just fine and can be killed, it also means there is no consistency with how much damage it takes to kill a player, shields and perks aside as I know this has a baring on it, so it is this and other issues that make it apear asif hacks are being used, not saying they are not, but its something to bear in mind when players are accused of hacking, it doesn't make it any better than hacking and ruins the pvp side of the game for many. Especially when you can shoot someone dead to rights in the head with a sniper rifle that should kill them and doesn't and i can buy the same sniper rifle that they have used to kill me with one swift shot to the head and their gun has less damage output than mine and yet they don't die from a headshot. As well as the perhaps incorrect scaling that can occur.

07-20-2015, 01:01 PM
we all know who this is right ^ smh

07-20-2015, 02:34 PM
How can you tell ?
Maybe they are just really good players ?
Some people get crazy shots all the way across the map - I can't even scope them, but they drop 3 dudes one after the other...
How can you definitely know they are using a bot?

07-21-2015, 02:03 PM
we all know who this is right ^ smh

huh, what you mean?

07-21-2015, 06:39 PM
we all know who this is right ^ smh
All I see is a wall of poorly formatted text.
In a thread that should have turned to dust.

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All I see is a wall of poorly formatted text.
In a thread that should have turned to dust.

oh well.
you work on that reply for a long time?
n if it should be turned to dust, why'd you reply to it? why not start a new post on how this post should be turned to dust.
Also If it is indeed a post that should be turned to dust, does the formatting really matter that much?