View Full Version : Creating a fansite

04-08-2013, 07:23 AM
I don't know about you guys, but I've been having a tough time finding useful information about this game. There's barely any fan sites for it and the guides I've found are few and far between. Useful information is scattered across these and other forums, the Defiance subreddit, and random clan sites. I want to create a site that puts out guides regularly and has a massive amount of everything one would need to know about Defiance.

So I'm gonna start working on it. I'm a freelance Web designer, but luckily I'm a pretty busy one, so I was wondering if anybody would like to help write content, guides, collect data, or whatever. And if you have experience with WordPress then I wouldn't mind having a partner.

If anybody is interested, just PM me here and I'll give you my email. Also, anyone is welcome to reply in comments any features they would like on a fan site. I'm going to have regular content posts and guides, but I'd love to hear your ideas so I don't leave anything out :)