View Full Version : Where is Freight? (Capture and Hold) PvP Pros and cons

04-08-2013, 07:35 AM
So far the Two best competitive Muliplayer maps are #1) Freight(capture and hold, 2) Waterfront TDM. Where is Freight and why is it offline?

Mics do not work,
when all mics are on, you can mute specific players.
Clan vs Clan isn't an option(yet).
No ranking system(yet)
Can't que for Shadow War and PvP(should have an option to do both but you can't que for any more PvP when you need 8 more members for a showdor wars) tired of a 45 minute que for shadow wars.
Balancing needed(that's to be expected)
No group option to stay in PvP que.
TDM needs higher kill count to end game, too quick of matches...would like a 10minute PvP map, not a <5 minute TDM
No large TDM match with vehicles, would like to see (Frieght have a TDM option) <- more boards to promote various loadout option, assault, snipers, etc
Long ques for shadow wars
Observatory map is blah, it lacks substance adn layout wow factor.
Need more PvP maps and modes

Short que for the smaller maps
Fast pace
Various of loadout option will abilities(needs balancing)
Specific ranked gear sxclusive to PvP(coming soon)
PvE Gear carries over
Shadow wars are huge
daily and weekly PvP contracts for Rep