View Full Version : My biggest issue with the game.

04-08-2013, 10:04 AM
Besides the other stuff I mentioned like boring missions, piss-poor gear system (guns don't get better base damage at higher levels for the same shot type).

There is one major issue that really detracts from the game to me: It feels too much like a single player game. I think the game needs a sort of global chat channel so people can talk, I mean why not? Sure alot of people will troll but I personally find it entertaining how they seem to like to work so hard to be an *** on the intarwebs, I find it funny. We also need a more noticable chat window, typical mmo style in the corner be great insted of it being like it is (if there is a way to make it like a typical mmorpg chat window let me know). The game just feels kinda dead to me, even at arkfalls with a ton of people no one really says a thing. Yeah they busy shooting stuff yatta yatta, but still.. The community also needs some work, was at a big arkfall, got ganked (damn archer hellbug nailed me from behind) was dead in front of 30+ people, and not one of them could spend the 3 seconds it takes to revive me, that is pretty sad. Yeah I shouldn't have died, but would it have killed them to help me back up as I would have done for them? Personally I think arkfalls need to be made much harder so people have to work together more.

One last thing.. P.s. Hellbugs need a bigger weakspot :P Namely warrior/matriarchs, pain in the arse to hit their weak points, especally the matriarch.

04-08-2013, 10:11 AM
my issue is i cant always see people on the ground crawling, in the case of most major arkfalls, your always looking UP, so people tend to get missed. Other times they just disappear from my screen. need an icon or HUD update that shows downed players. Also, not sure how, but i only revive one or two people and get told i revived 29?