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04-08-2013, 12:03 PM
The launch of defiance can not in any way, shape or form be compared to World of Warcraft vanilla... That goes for detractors of the game and defenders of the game.

Personally, I enjoy the game but I have about 50 games on steam and defiance ranks about 4th on my list of games to play in a day. Admittedly, when I was a World of Warcraft addict for 6 or 7 years since vanilla, WoW was my only game to play and the highest on my agenda. Defiance isn't less fun, it's just that I have more games to compete with it...


The main point of this thread is, a list of reasons why you can't compare World of Warcraft vanilla launch with Defiance launch...

1. Playability and Benchmarks. World of Warcraft had zero at early vanilla release. Certain classes were completely broken but this was the early 2000's, the technology was in its infancy and it was setting a benchmark for MMO gameplay. Defiance on the other hand is part of a saturated MMO environment. In the same way that if I was Martin Luther King today, I'd be told to shut up by the many millions of political commentators and that my opinion is unimportant. What we do is defined by the time era we live in. King's message was poignant in his day, World of Warcraft's release was poignant in its day and Defiance's release is not but that's OK! It's an entertainment method, hopefully one that continues.

2. World of Warcraft had lore behind it. Generally nowadays, people release the MMO's before they give us too much information about who the hell we should care about. Defiance does not. Defiance should therefore be treated as an entertainment method rather than a storyline immersion orientated environment. World of Warcraft was bringing up to date the events of Warcraft 1, Warcraft 2 and the much loved - Warcraft 3. I generally cared about the characters... Thrall setting up in Orgrimmar, the wars in Ashenvale, etc... etc... It was an amazing lore experience and that's speaking as someone who immersed themselves in the lore of World of Warcraft. Defiance has the TV series but TV series come and go depending on ratings and whether there's an emphasis on storyline or characters.

3. Development style is different between Defiance and World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft was designed to be a long drawn-out experience, designed at a point when people had more free time than sense. People worked less hours, had more free time and was basically made for the hardcore gamers (raid and dungeon difficulty were sky-high in vanilla). World of Warcraft was made so large to cater for people with time. Nowadays however and especially since late 2008, early 2009... Games companies have noticed that people have less free time than before and that there is a massive market out there for casual gaming. They also believe that certain compromises can be made with this philosophy to give hardcore gamers something to do... Eg in Defiance's case... Long-drawn out pursuits. Obviously they've been communicating and learning from other MMO designers who also believe that hardcore gamers like being shafted in favour of casual gamers as long as there's achievements for them to hunt (which is completely wrong and is one of the most complained about things in MMO's today).

The summary is...

World of Warcraft at release was made for a different market, was made with relatively infant technology, had a solid storyline behind it and was not made for casual gaming (originally).

Defiance at release is made with 2008+ technology (everything from servers to advanced instancing and phases), has practically zero storyline behind it and is made for semi-casual gaming.

The thing is though and let me state it again, I enjoy Defiance as an entertainment method but it's not an immersive experience like World of Warcraft was before they ruined it with Wrath of the Lich King.

04-08-2013, 12:07 PM
A good post and well thought out apart from one thing Defiance has a backup plan if the series tanks they already have a long thought out story ahead of time already and have no issues carrying it along if the series bellys up.

04-08-2013, 12:44 PM
A good post and well thought out apart from one thing Defiance has a backup plan if the series tanks they already have a long thought out story ahead of time already and have no issues carrying it along if the series bellys up.

Perhaps. Perhaps not. You would have thought the same thing about command and conquer 4: tiberian twilight - Awful awful online game.

04-08-2013, 12:50 PM
I'm only going to point out one thing in your comparisson (which I like for the most part)..

WoW did NOT set the benchmark for launch of an MMORPG. City of Heroes launched a full 8 MONTHS earlier, and had, by a WoW comparrison, an amazingly strong first launch. Included where character classes THAT WORKED, character creation that is STILL some of the best seen in MMO's (even today, 9 years later), an amazingly balanced system of enhancements and leveling that kept people playing (and paying) for many years.

Before that.. Ultima ONline had a very solid launch as well, and included many other features.

WoW's launch.. omg.. I was sooooo glad that I was still drinking back then otherwise I'd of probably gone postal!

By the "benchmark" however.. Defiance is a pretty solid launch, especially considering that NO ONE's done a tight deadline launch with all 3 major platforms before. I expected the bugs being a more seasoned and veteran player, and Trion has done exactly what they did with Rift.. they got on them fast and have been fixing them daily.

And yes.. CC4 was atrocious.. the complete deathknell of that entire series. Only thing that was good in CC after that was the shooter version.