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04-08-2013, 05:45 PM
Hello, I am the Founder of the Texas Storm Rangers, a North American based PS3 clan. However, we do welcome anyone from other regions as well. (PSN-ID: UmbrusNightshade, In-Game: Destin Wynters).

Let's face it, the Bay Area is more fun with other people. F.U.N. That is what we are most about. We are a casual type of clan that has no headset requirement. If you have one that is just a plus (I have one but can't seem to get it to work at the moment; I'll keep trying). We are not into DPS, set roles and all that "hardcore" MMO kind of stuff. If you want an uber 1337 group of hardcore min-maxers, TSR is not for you. We just want to play a *potentially* great game with good people and have fun. Sure we want to be a great clan. Sure we want to be "the best." But the camaraderie of the group, the challenge of completing quest lines, side-missions, pursuits and the pure enjoyment we get out of the game's various other events is what we are most about. The other stuff is just icing on the cake.

TSR, as of now, is primarily focused on PvE and Co-Oping. My brother (PSN-ID: Crontar, In-Game: Crontar Rotfell) is open to PvP more than myself and he is a Leader within our fold. I spend most of my time PvEing or Co-Oping but I'll join a Shadow War here and there and I'm not against PvP when I'm in the mood.

I don't have a keyboard yet. Crontar does. He does not have a mic however. We have varying play times but tend to try and group up when we can. We're looking for others to come join our ranks. We don't run a website and probably won't. We will likely be more forum and in-game based.

Anyone interested in joining can leave a reply and I'll add as soon as I can. If you see me in game you can message me on the Playstation or in-game if you want. The same goes for Crontar. The only rules we have are 1) Respect Others 2) No Hate Speech 3) No Music Blaring Over Mic 4) If TSR is not offering you what you desire in a clan please tender a resignation on the forums or in-game. We recognize that not everyone is meant for our group and we will respect your decision.

We look forward to Ark Hunting with you. (We prefer 18+ years old, however will consider others on a trial basis)

(We would also like to extend our hand to the Desert Nomads with an offer of alliance. Any Nomad is welcome to party with us or join us in the open world)

04-10-2013, 02:01 PM
Texas Storm Legion looking for you! Join now.

04-18-2013, 08:31 PM
Any low level or new players are welcome to join the Texas Storm Rangers! The more people in the clan, the better we all are.

(Texas is just a name because it is where me & my character are from; we accept people from anywhere)

I'm currently lvl 760ish and have just made my way, finally, into San Fransisco. I have a headset that works now and my brother is pretty quick with the keyboard. We're looking for anyone mature that is up for working on pursuits, doing arkfalls, co-oping, doing contracts, doing Main Missions or PvPing.