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A whole year underneath the title "Nike Leaders within the Road" can be a blast. But time marches on when you are getting , and KOTR 2011 snuck up as being a bad hangover. The Nike team was exactly the same this season aside from Justin Brock, who could not ensure because they was connected together with his good friend's wedding. The stand-in was Australia's Geebet O'Neill, together with protecting crew of Eric Koston (fourth KOTR), Grant Taylor, Cory Kennedy, and Ishod Wair.

Jason Hernandez and Scuba Steve needed documentation, and Nike Colonial sales legend Bob Reynolds acted as Team Manager for your ten days. Nike rented an enormous Mercedes Sprinter van, outfitted obtaining a big-screen TV, Wireless, X-Box, leather seats, a pull-out bed, standing room to boost, along with a separate back position for the gear. A celebration on wheels, as the saying goes. We'd have loved the skateboard journey to new levels.


We began in good ol' Albuquerque, when asleep and Grant Taylor immediately attempted to light it burning. That may have been bad. Daniel Lutheran is generally our contact for spots, but he was within the Vans team and then we understood he wouldn't let's out whatsoever. Therefore we known as inside the BZ skateshop, who sent Bryce Lister to demonstrate us around. He'd the region covered. Appreciate hooking us up over individuals day or two! https://www.kiwibox.com/tuanhuylink/blog/entry/141694499/what-size-of-skateboard-should-i-get

It looked somewhat simpler than a year ago, don't do not understand me, there's still plenty of challenging methods. Specially the miscellaneous ones Obtain a hug printed by michael Tyson? Loop a fullpipe? What?


Ishod made the decision to obtain Antwuan for virtually every day, which contained not putting on not athletic shoes and basketball shorts. Plus we've demonstrated up at attract tattoos throughout his body and face. On the top from the, he'd to consume a 40oz of malt liquor and acquire three switch methods lower a six-stair. It had been a great day, after experiencing and enjoying the 40 and skating within the heat for virtually every volume of hrs, he provided within the van. But by dusk Ishod was fulfilling the most effective reliance in the office by fronting on random people while vulnerable to dinner. "You need to catch my fade?" He looked crazy.

Vegas, NV

We drove when asleep from ALBQ to Vegas. The drive can be a blast--beers and weed whole time. Proven up around 4:30am and checked in the hotel within the borders. We'd have loved to get rid of our challenges early once we automobile up. First was to acquire a trick within the rail inside the Boulder City ditch. Grant will be a wild line there and grinded the reduced bar. Koston began experimenting obtaining a Cruz grind on top bar and, transporting out somewhat fight, folded away like the cops proven.

Obtain a stripper obtaining a skatespot? Okay! This is often considered a enjoyable one. Sammy Baca hooked us tabs on a lady they've known who's one, not only a stripper (only for the record). I used to be with this rail behind a warehouse for virtually every volume of hrs getting methods when she finally attracted in, ready. "I am capable of singing whatever everyone need!" Personally we made a decision on $200, after Ishod got the pole jam stalefish, we'd have loved a picture of her combined with crew partying which racked us up another 100 points.

However, whether it came time for you to present her while using cash, we didn't have sufficient here. Therefore we came out giving her half in cash, but another half was some Oakleys, a couple of KOTR T-shirts, plus numerous stickers. Precisely what a champion. Good factor she did not appear acquiring a few bodyguard or strong-arm. The item giveaway wouldn't review perfectly.

Colored DITCH

Photos within the Colored Ditch prevent them justice. You need to notice personally. Grant needed to acquire a trick within the hip, that's serious. The hill blast transporting out a landing is steep, but Grant went straight advertising online we did not evaluate which he'd try. He almost proven up a frontside switch first-go but slid in route lower, then nailed it and needed it for your finish a couple of tries later. All he needed was an ollie, but Grant has something up his sleeve.


Our raddest city challenges used to be we would have liked to hook Sammy Baca tabs on an infant shower. In situation you did not know just, Sammy combined with the lady expect. When a completely new father themselves, Koston was responsible for selecting all of the products from Target: Newborn onesies, a Play bouncer, diapers, baby wipes... We came out shedding a awesome $350.00 concerning this all.

Therefore we known as up Sammy and told him to satisfy us inside the Breeze skatepark I told him we simply required to skate the park with him and movie a trick. He was hyped, however, once we opened up in the van combined with baby balloons travelled out, she got much more excited.

"It is simply like Christmas!" he mentioned.

San Fran

SF was in which the teams were to get their mystery visitors, acquiring a few challenges provided. We proven up every day early and drove by Potrero park, where Koston spotted Mike skating around. "Let us pull over and skate while using the Phelper!" everybody yelled.

Our challenges grew to become occur neighborhood anyway, filtration cope with it rapidly as possible? Grant knocked the tail disappear fencing immediately for 100 points. He then began tossing up huge bonelesses within the quarterpipe slant wall, although it wasn't within the book.

Taking it to disaster reaches it, and Grant need that with lots of style. We checked off another miscellaneous challenges using the evening while thinking about what the theme may be applying this year's mystery visitors. Midgets? Legends? Worst dudes out? No. These were all former SOTYs, and then we got Leo!

I used to be all psyched once we heard Leo Romero's name known as out as Nike's Mystery Guest. He's the present SOTY, and hubby can get busy overall. But initially, we did not understand baby: He did not bring a skateboard with him to SF, and hubby was putting on a hands-attracted t-shirt. On the top from the, he's good buddies with Dekline's TM, Mike Sinclair. Maybe he'd sabotage Nike and supply info to Dekline? We straight-up requested him, "Leo, will you let's and skate?"

"I am unsure yet," he responded.

We'd some team challenges a subscription although in SF. The very first was for your SOTY Mystery Visitors: A hill blast over the skateboard obtaining a seat placed on it. Immediately Leo comes flying lower the hill, departing another three within the dust. 100 points! An excellent guy to possess on KOTR, Leo includes a awesome spontaneity and showed up in this area like he was getting fun. Plus, 50-50s over the 60-ft-extended downhill flatbar? Just points!


Inspired acquiring a trip where P-Stone used a Snuggie for 7 days to win a $100.00 bet, our San Fran challenges needed the filmer along with a team rider to don the wearable blankets throughout our as time passes town. Jason and Cory handled it, when evening fell combined with temperature dropped, everybody wanted they'd one. These received plenty of compliments from sausage-eyed women within the City after they were passionate in regards to the adorable fabric... maybe from the time these were SF Giants Snuggies.


Among the hardest miscellaneous challenges was searching for just about any female who showed up in this area as if among the team riders. We did not think last year's champion--once the doppelganger bore this kind of perfect resemblance to CIRCA's David Gravette--might be matched.

So Koston spots this destitute lady in LA. Maybe, for anybody who's blind-folded, she may have looked similar to Ishod. "Why don't you just obtain a photo and pencil in 50 points?" we thought. Eric gave her some size-13 Dunks for your effort. Score.

O'NEILL Ignore

Eventually, Nugget experienced P-Rod's vehicle after skating and mentioned, "I am going home I'll see everyone by 50 percent days." I used to be amazed because they left. Everybody was like, "Why is not Justin here? He helped us win a year ago.In . Seven hrs later, Brock was across the plane from Raleigh, NC, to satisfy us. It had been your good occasions (and beer and methods) really began. Justin got just as much points as Nugget just to start with we visited, despite a buzz on.

Although precisely what wouldn't count within the finish, he'd been trying--to help keep things interesting.

We proven in LA with two full days before we'd to exhibit it in. Our city challenges showed up in this area up Koston's alley: He walked for the Wilshire 10 obtaining a caveman boardslide, then up was filming Guy Mariano's Mouse line at LA High.

Eric is goofy and Guy is natural, nonetheless it labored out. Koston had that line imbedded inside the brain while ordinary everyone was attempting to remember it. In the last challenge, Eric created an appointment to Steve Berra, who we'd have loved to acquire a trick with. Steve only had roughly 1 hour, therefore we selected some strange bank within the pavement and skated with him when asleep.

Things were searching good and methods were getting checked within the list. We'd convenience Berries through Eric and used that for your advantage. Extended hrs were spent searching to obtain final methods, and everybody is a student within the conclusion inside the rope since the evening deadline contacted.

Finish Within The LINE

Your party began, and then we were done. Ignore being secret or competitive everybody was only psyched they were provided alive. We've got kicked within the Standard Hotel for a lot of drunkenness, so Scuba Steve made a decision to notice a bbq along with a pool party at his house the following morning with carne asada, Patron, and cold beer.

A whole day's relaxation before we'd to satisfy up at Arto's house for your results. We proven up third this season, nevertheless it did not matter, because we'd an enjoyable experience! Because of Nike, the Nike KOTR Nasty Crew, and everybody who helped us on the way. Bad Geebet O'Neill did not stick to the trip--it's not badly because it sounds. Congratulations to Lakai for killing it. Before very extended you will be prone to get!



Antwuan for virtually every Day: Putting on only footwear and basketball shorts, have your teammates draw "tattoos" inside you and face obtaining a marker. Now's your factor during the day, that begin with a 40 of malt liquor before arriving inside the roads--that you simply asks five others whether they'd choose to "catch your fade." You need to land three switch methods lower six or greater stairs by which both of your hands don't raise above your waist. Best of luck! https://www.kiwibox.com/tuanhuylink/blog/entry/141694445/best-complete-skateboards-to-buy-2017-how-to-choose-them

Perform trick within the top hip within the giant rainbow banks

360 switch within the spine with this ditch

WHO Wouldn't Wish To Complement The TM?

Impart us getting a quick run-reduced the skate background.

Bob Reynolds, Nike TM: Been based in the skateboard industry since 1994.

What's your present position at Nike?

Nike Senate bill sales repetition for your Southeast.

How possibly you've complete while using the reigns of TM applying this trip?

Lost a dice game to Hunter at Agenda. Nike Senate bill needed a fill-looking for that trip, and because of the fact that folks already understood everybody and sometimes drive-through 11 states just like a repetition, it showed up in this area as being a perfect fit.

Did you've stored to cope with real focus on the trip?

Yes, Familiar with. I am in the heart of pre-booking Nike Senate bill 2012, well, i used to be putting orders in every single morning and fielding calls at skatespots after five hrs rest. It had been hella hectic sometimes.

Funnest memory within the trip?

The One That Shines Can acquire the STRIPPER Inside The SKATESPOT. It is not the stripper was funny much more the very fact we didn't have sufficient cash and began bartering together with her--footwear, signed boards, glasses, tees... We even joked about quitting Cory as we needed to, because of the interest she proven towards him, as though he was some boy whose virginity she'd stolen formerly.

When searching back, maybe there is a factor that you would did differently?

Nothing. Everybody who'd formerly been overall trip was great and attempted very hard. Maybe we could have rested three hrs every day as opposed to 5. Furthermore, it had been awesome.

Any advice for future first-time KOTR Team Managers?

Do not let the little stuff achieve you. In situation your property is not exercising, proceed. To begin with, KOTR is not for everybody. Pick your team wisely.


Order a stripper obtaining a skate place

Obtain a trick within the bar within the Boulder City ditch

Find Sammy Baca and throw him an infant shower, with balloons.

San Fran

Stone's Comfort: Everybody buys and wears a Snuggie for the whole time they are in San Fran

Visit within the fence at Potrero Del Sol skatepar

Assist over the Hubba ad shoot


Each Month, skaters visit the Hubba page before flipping through everyone other Mag. It's frequently the only real spot to uncover females inside. Our challenges grew to become attend and shoot a Hubba ad. Okay! Beer, Cory applying finger nailpolish, and Ishod spraying breasts with cold water? It's on! Should Be A Enjoyable JOB, SHOOTING THEM ADS Each Month. A little more fun than using in conclusion inside the handrail

We blew it! We have to not want rested...whatsoever, for the whole ******* trip. Either that or old man Phelper can't add shorted us over the points.

There is a title because the skater who's experienced probably KOTRs, four occasions. What keeps you returning for further?

KOTR is simply yet another kind of self-mutilation, which little bit of GG Allin's spirit I've inside me makes me need to suffer.

What really happened with Geebet O'Neill?

He'd tendonitis in knees.

He only got about 200 points. If he could skate, might Nike have observed an opportunity to win it again?

Coulda, woulda, shoulda.INJURI Are Individuals Hanging Around

The component that was the gnarliest trick you saw come lower?

Cory's nosegrind nollie switch at Belvedere park. It had been sick seeing him make whenever watching him suffer for hrs acquiring a go at different parks. Cheap it happened about seven hrs prior to the deadline.

There's some Instabeef happening while using trip. The component that was the purchase?

You gotta follow me to understand. Don't start none, will not be none! Jared Lucas discovered that **** shateringly pricey way. Tough love.

Is determined by the quantity of ****s I take.

Can it be somebody challenge to actually make popular page?

By no means. I'm not able to handle just what the supporters do, and they are those who finalise.

What is happening together with you and Leo? He established track of the hands-attracted t-shirt.

You probably understand how for anybody who's in like second grade and that means you will be a crush over the girl within your class? To be able to you understood the easiest method to show your true feelings was by punching her within the arm at recess. That's what's happening with Leo combined with the feelings personally. I know he loves me, i like him too.

He really did not have a very board with him. Possibly you've think he'd skate, or attempt to sabotage us?

Because they heard he was moving while using the Nike crew, he thought he happening vacation. I do not think he really gave skateboard.

Any advice for future skaters who continue KOTR?

Prepare to suffer.


Get Steve Berra or Take full advantage of Dyrdek to street skate together with you and movie a trick

Obtain a trick within the Wilshire 10, Hollywood High, or Beverly Hillsides High rails. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/best-complete-skateboards-skates-zone/

LA LEGENDS: Perform line Guy Mariano does within the brick banks at LA Full of Mouse

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If you place after 20, it'll show you at 21. There are a few exceptions to this rule but this is the standard.

Johnny Dbag
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For about the first year I played I thought I had 21st place locked down. Took me a while to figure out too.

The Lady
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For about the first year I played I thought I had 21st place locked down. Took me a while to figure out too.

It was confusing when someone else posted in zone they also got 21st place.

10-06-2017, 01:55 PM
For about the first year I played I thought I had 21st place locked down. Took me a while to figure out too.

but what if you did tho...and you just dont know it lol