View Full Version : Any solid info on what the new alien species will be?

04-08-2013, 11:27 PM
As the title says ,anyone seen any solid statements? I've heard Castithian or whatever Ara's species is thrown around but nothing solid. The reason I'm asking is because if it's them, I'd rather not grind too much right now as I assume we're going to have to reroll and not just swap to it (that would make too much sense in a video game, gotta have them hurdles).

Human in any game are just boring IMO and the foreheads don't appeal to me at all. They don't look "cool" or appealing in any way, just weird, which is kind of the point I imagine. Just not my thing.

04-08-2013, 11:32 PM
I might make one if it is. The human lips are also bad but i'm useing my power armor right now anyway so its not a big deal.

04-08-2013, 11:36 PM
Castithan will be next more than likely. Then Indogene, then Sensoth, then Liberata.

04-08-2013, 11:50 PM
Id say Castithan and indogene have about equal chance of being the first dlc race, as they are both very easy to add to the current armors etc, sensoth I very much doubt it will be, and I don't see liberatas ever becoming playable due to theyr size.

Though personally i wish they would fix the male irathient's freaking hunchback before adding more -.-

Oddly enough the hunchback isnt noticeable in starter outfit, or the harmony preacher outfit, but its impossible to miss when you start using some heavier outfits -.-