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04-09-2013, 12:00 AM
Greetings Arkhunters,,
In our on-going quest tracking down the best ark-tek, 'The Nefarious Hounds' are forming in the wastelands of San Francisco to wreak havoc on all those that stand in our way....

Seriously though, we're putting together a group of (predominantly UK/english speaking) players to explore this mad game with. I'm just here to have fun,, not take things too seriously.... So if you're looking for a chilled clan that functions as a wider 'friends' list without having to add everyone to your psn,,, then we might be what you're looking for...

What we Offer you....

Once we have a good number of players, there'll always be someone around to join you on your missions, or to tackle instances with. I for one will be quite happy to run missions ive already completed with people to help them level up,, and everyone in the clan would be encouraged to do so

Knowledge base of other players,, helping you find useful tactics for your ark-looting duties

Oh,, and XP Sundays,, where every Sunday (or more often depending how generous others in the clan feel like being) a clan boost will be applied

Who we're looking for....

Anyone that's up for a laugh, doesnt mind the occasional crude humour,, and isnt an obnoxious y'know...
Not everyones great at the finer arts of ark-salvage, and you dont need to be to roll with us... You dont need a mic either... When it comes to hellbugs, every bullet helps!! As long as you're enjoying Defiance, then you'll fit right in.

I'd also like the Hounds to have a PvP presence for members that like it, but personally im more of a PvE addict, so I'm looking for someone to be the leader of our PvP wing... who would be responsible for putting together an elite PvP team, as well as introducing newer clan members to that side of the game...

Message me through the forum or in game if you're interested in joining us,,
Happy Hunting!


04-09-2013, 06:10 PM
Are you a pro at traversing the wastelands of the San Francisco area???

Well, the first Nefarious Hounds road race tournament is set for Sunday,,, buckle up.... and if you're Hell On Wheels you may win big!

Sundays also Clan boost day, so come join us as we search the greatest of all Ark-tek!

04-10-2013, 01:24 PM
Want ego boosts???

Every Sunday we'll have various boosts active for all clan members....

And since we're just forming,,, i'll activate a clan perk for every 10 members that sign up with the Hounds....

Happy Hunting!!!