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Lamar Kendrick
10-22-2017, 06:08 AM
first off, i remember last year's stream when you guys said that you will give us enough ample time to save up reputation for the faction vendor for the jackpots per faction but it's been more than a year so my question is will there be a new set of faction jackpots coming up thus removing the previous ones?

i bought the pioneer and recoilless rifle a few weeks back thus completing all the jackpots per vendor :) (saved upto 1500 rep each since i got 2 accounts and my old one saves rep for those jackpots and my main account for arm boxes) it took me 4 months to save up 1500



and if you guys need an idea or suggestion, i got some suggestion per faction:

thorn liro:
bio surge bolter or bio particle repeater

7th legion:
rad 7th legion yojimbo with 4 mag like beta-6 or a bio/electric 7th legion nezumi

von bach industries:
let's make this a DLC only jp just like the EEC HP-7 wildcat. a rad or bio or fire XS600 grinder or a syphon jp version of orejana with it's DLC bonuses

soleptor enterprises:
a fire or syphon votan blast rifle or a bio or fire soleptor bolter

top-notch toolworks:
a rad top-notch sawed off shotgun with 4 mag like snuggie or a bio top-notch auto-scattergun or an electric top-notch assault carbine (full auto)

i miss having conversations with rashere when it comes to suggestions for a jackpot (a few actually became a reality thanks to him)

now let's talk about suggestions...

so on another thread, people are suggestion to upgrade the synergy on the apex sludge-hammer into pandemonium which is cool for those who bought the apex arkhunter bundle but how about some other weapons that deserves some love

first off, remember the SB-32 freezer burn from the arctic pack i think? that has no nano so it would be nice if you add pandemonium as well and maybe change the nano to something else besides fire since it's an incinerator so it already has the incinedary effect (how about bio or syphon or electric)

and when it comes to cankers... misfortune, chrysalis, winter's grasp, viral administrator, boiler & perfected ones are the go to cankers for pvp but how about the souleater and enervator? those 2 deserve better and when i mean better, i mean add some nanos into it. maybe put a syphon nano to the souleater since the it would fit the name for it and maybe an electric for the enevator and to top it off, update it's synergy to the newest one which is the parasitic impetus instead of the old and lacking synergy called stalker. they need to shine just like the rest

can't think of any more suggestions but if you guys got something, feel free to comment below and hope the devs can somehow read this :)

10-22-2017, 07:17 AM
Add the option to pull a mod from a gun that keeps both the gun and mod intact. You can use the ark salvage to do this. Speaking of ark salvage give it some more uses. Ppl are running around with millions if not billions of this green currency. Give it a use otherwise its just rotting away.

Calm like a Bomb
10-22-2017, 11:52 AM
I asked if they were going to replace the faction jackpots with new ones. They said they have no plans to but may revisit it in the future. :/

10-22-2017, 04:25 PM
All the vendor jps suck.