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Jack Robo
11-08-2017, 04:18 PM
Recently ive not been as interested in defiance as i last was as i have done everything there is to do without everything being repetitive.
As a result of this i have decided that i will be leaving for now but might hop in for a pvp match every now and then..
I would like to thank everyone who made my play time great
However a few special thanks are in order:
1) xZefx Draven- Invited me to the game and told what i was doing, if i ever decide im quitting for good, gear will be in order.
2) TheRocks might be hated but helped me through the midgame and also later game
3) Delta Shadow- my gear donations.. couldnt have learnt half what i know now without him.
4) o Gunzi/Ahren420.. pvp..just wow. always my toughest battles
5) Numbers great guy to be around and insane at pvp showed me how to heaven sent
6) The I dont give a FK clan- great bunch of guys and gals to be around

I appreciate all the help i ever received if that be strategies in pvp, help in expos, loadout building and even calling out arkfalls.

The gear that wasnt loaned shall be kept or loanded to close players incase i return.
Numbers/delta- foul play needs returning

Thanks again - happy hunting

11-09-2017, 06:13 AM
Going to be a shame to see you leave but I fully understand your reasons. I hope whichever game you land in is an enjoyable one. Good luck.