View Full Version : Un-nerf the RL and GRL please.

11-19-2017, 09:50 PM
Seems really stupid that people can survive ANY hits from a rocket, it's a fricken explosive. You don't survive explosions. An Explosion will turn you into separated parts, usually rendering one unable to run away, duck for cover or return fire, live or otherwise, also has the tendency to leave you mostly if not totally dead.

Currently I can get one shot sniped, but I cannot explode anyone in the sense of an explosive that has been properly delivered and detonated to produce said deadly explosion. Wanna take the stance of damage mitigation, and shields, then the snipers should be just as mitigated, meaning no one shot kills, head hit or otherwise. Cause damage mitigation and shields.

I'm not saying snipers should be nerfed, i'm saying this sniper realism is part of the reason pvp is not balanced (or fun). Cause it's the only weapon working with realism as it "would" in the real world. Rockets "should" have the same "realistic" insta kill. But they don't. Shotguns point blank should effectively cut you in half and leave you for dead. But they don't. That leaves you unable to use the other variety of weapons and still have any kind of competitive score. In turn, it leaves PVP hella boring.

Even before the GRL was nerfed (was fun while it lasted), it still wasn't really viable. It took too long to kill when up against a sniper as they only have to hit once, but then they also can apparently survive multiple explosions as if they are Jesus or something. Then they come to the forums and whine, and complain, and call for nerfs cause they died once or twice, quite similar to the current thread about the mass blaster needing a nerf. And Amazingly you do nerf something, but it isn't the sniper being nerfed as it should be. Last I checked this wasn't sniper elite 3 thousand, people. Just checked again, still isn't.

With the way PVP currently revolves so heavily around snipers, the people that either don't like or are not good with snipers definitely are not going to be returning to PVP. No chance to even really test out other weapons due to the incessant one shot, eternal spawn camping snipe-fest it inevitably becomes.

This, team stacking via grouping, and the part where snipers flood into an active round, ruining what was previously enjoyable, is mostly why it's so hard to encourage anyone to join PVP, in my opinion.

Good times.

11-19-2017, 10:51 PM
and they nerfed the frag nades

11-20-2017, 12:17 AM
You know realism has no place in a sci-fi video game. Especially this one with shields and such. Realistically every gun in game should 1 hit kill.

Diego Praiser
11-20-2017, 05:37 AM
Never mind,

This both weapons put this game on trash months ago..

Grl turn the pvp boring, and the RL are much used now with ****ed Sluggers

11-20-2017, 11:17 AM
Apparently someone don't pvp with snipers it's not a 1 shot kill enless it's bolt action but most use semi or full auto and those don't one shot even if you critical them