View Full Version : Black Fiday PS4 vs. Black Friday Bargain Crates

Johnny Dbag
11-20-2017, 11:02 AM
Was thinking about this over the weekend, and saw someone else mention it in another thread. Is there really any competition between these two? You can pick up a Black Friday PS4 for 200 bucks, or if they show up, gamble 200 bucks in crates for a game that is neglected, and get a bunch of stuff no one wants to buy or trade for. Or, you may get a "super weapon" that does not really do much except look good on the mantle. It really seems like the team is pushing us away from the game. I know that PS3 is not the only market for the game, but it does represent at least a 3rd of the market, and I'm pretty sure most will be making the move to PS4 after this holiday season. Good deals on PS4 and lack of anything from the Trion team kinda don't leave much room for debate here. Really feels like Trion is making a final attempt to kill off Defiance once and for all on consoles. Does not bode well for PC users either, because if they lose the PS and XBOX markets, I cannot see PC only carrying the load to support the game.