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Bullet Babe
01-21-2018, 03:20 AM
A common question I have yet to see a definitive answer to: When Defiance ports to "next gen" consoles, what is going to happen with accounts that are on PS3 and Xbox 360 ? Also what if anything is going to happen with PC accounts ?


01-21-2018, 04:15 AM
Porting to next gen hasn't been decided yet, it was just a test to see if they could and how it would look. Same with character transfers, they have no information on that at this time.

Hey All,

Rarnok and I just got back from attending PSX in Anaheim, and many of you are aware of a brief tech demo we provided to a few members of the media. PSX gave us a great opportunity to show you what we’ve been working towards for the future of Defiance, and ultimately get some great feedback from the community. I see the questions that have come from that, and I have a few answers to your burning questions. This demo was setup with the community in mind, as a way to spread the word through press and get the best feedback possible from a wide audience.

This Tech Demo was the team looking to see if it would even be possible to move Defiance over to the newer generation of consoles. Moving to the current generation of consoles is no easy task, and this was not an attempt at any kind of backwards compatibility. What we showed was 100% a graphical port. In order to make sure that it could be done, we had to assemble a team to work on a demo to prove it. Now that we have the proof, we have to discuss the next steps, and what the future looks like for Defiance. However, the game looks great on the PS4!

I have been frequently hinting at big and exciting things coming in the future, and this tech demo was only a part of that; step one. Step two is figuring out how different Defiance will look in the future, and the best way to leverage some already amazing gameplay and systems, while also fixing what we and the community feel could be better with the game. We don't know the answer to some of these questions yet, but Trion is dedicating more resources and the team is getting larger, in order to answer those questions. We remain dedicated to this IP, and its community.

This should not be taken as an announcement, since we are not yet ready to make one. What this does represent, is the next step in the evolution of Defiance. We need feedback from all of you, our community, to create the best version of Defiance moving forward. We have been listening over the 4 years this game has been live, and will be taking all of that feedback into account when charting out the next course for Defiance.

With regards to Xbox One - the tech demo that we have put together was meant for the show at PSX, so it was PS4 focused. However, we are dedicated to the idea of both platforms being included if we move forward.

With regards to character transfers - I know that you are all wondering how this will play out. Unfortunately, I cannot give you an answer on this, as I simply do not know yet. Right now we are in the information gathering stages, and fleshing out how Defiance looks in the future. An answer to this question will come to light as we move forward, and the picture becomes more clear.

I am sorry for not getting in here earlier, but flying takes its toll sometimes. Keep an eye out for more articles and some great updates moving forward.

- Destromathe