View Full Version : [EU] [PC] problem

02-10-2018, 11:47 AM
Today I had very unstable connection during gameplay, long responses etc, but I was not giving up. I wanted to sort out my weapons, I bought a mod, then bam, timeout.

So I went back to the game, character loads fine, quickly and also the location. I try to push play, loading screen appears and after period of time, Timeout, critical. I hope my character was not damaged because of the buy action which was most likely not finalized because of lag or connection problems.
The second character doesn't work too, so it would be damage of the whole account.

I tried to clean temp files, no results, tried to restart the router, still without effects.

Can anyone play on EU server rn?

//EDIT: ok it seems to be fixed now. Maybe someone reacted. I was grounded by hour I guess and in fear.