View Full Version : Guard Armament has serious bug! Lifesteal not workin way too much!!!!

02-19-2018, 08:15 AM
TRION! You do know very well that most of your players use GA or AA!! GA Lifesteal does not work 40% of the times... Im an expo runner and I use GA... There are few ways wwhat makes it not work... I use Mass Extinction and use GA with it. I use Life Insurance Policy shield, and Judge Deto or Banshee SMG... I sometimes IN the expo change between Judge and Banshee (so I do not equip other syn, but same syn).... At the moment my Bashee Lifestela does not work AT ALL. I mena it DOES NOT WORK... Not just sometimes, but it dont work AT ALL... And very often Ga Lifesteal just stops working too.... I would understand If is equip other syn gun and then change bag to GA gun, and for some bug it wouldnt work... BUT I DO NOT change other syn guns.. I change GA gun to other GA gun sometimes... So this can only mean that the bug is in that synergy!! I play on Xbix 360 EU, and maaaaaany players have complained there about the same issue... You GA syn is bugged TRION... Can you please fix it.. 80% on your playrs are PAYING players with real money... Please TRION fix this problem..

02-19-2018, 08:55 AM
Something similar happens to me sometimes. I have 2 different loadouts I use. 1 of them is a full ga loadout (t6 acid bath, t4 for mass lobber, t6 ironclad regenerator), and the other has 2 ga and one other weapon (t6 acid bath, t6 berserk purgatory, t6 ironclad regenerator). During expos, I swap out the purg and the regen shield for a plasma battery and a survivor shield on the second loadout. When I swap from the first loadout to the second, I get my self revive back. Then I switch back to the first one, and for some reason, none of my ga perks work. I literally have to unequip and re-equip everything for the sun to work properly again. Kinda strange.