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02-22-2018, 08:36 PM
Is there any way to have a different outcome to what stat bonus you'll get by shuffling a tier bonus before upgrading? Planning on supreming a weapon for the first time and I don't wanna waste tons of arkforge on a fail lol

02-22-2018, 11:35 PM
So supremeing jackpots are always static. Stats will always reset to default and move up one tier (except purple) with the white roll being new.

Other non-jackpot weapons however will retain the roll you rolled before upgrading. Purple tier weapons can be upgraded to orange and then supreme. Now usually the rolls will stay in place and the new stat will appear at the supreme tier stat (the complete opposite of how a jp supremed gets the new roll at white tier).

Word of warning though, I have had non-jackpot weapons orange tier stat become the supreme tier stat with the new stat to appear becoming the orange stat tier. Not sure why this happens. Also, if you make a weapon supreme and it had no mastery on it, the first time it gets mastery could be an orange quality mastery and not supreme quality mastery.

02-23-2018, 12:19 AM
Gun building can get tricky...luckily there are a few of us that enjoy crafting guns. It can be costly when it comes to arkforge but its possible to get rolls you want moved around (to an extent). Check this thread out Defiance Gun Building 101 (http://forums.defiance.com/showthread.php?286953-Defiance-Gun-building-101)

Just post your gun and rolls and desired rolls like it says and we can help you out.

02-23-2018, 12:28 AM
I'm already prone to being longwinded, and this isn't so straightforward as you'd think.

To answer your question, no there is nothing you can do to guarantee what your top roll (oj when upgrading from purple to oj, or sup roll when upgrading from oj). Nothing affects what you get. That said, there are fixed sets of what you can get, and can't get. defiancedata.com had a great page that allowed you to click on the main weapon type and see all the possibilites available. I'd refer you to that, but I lost that webpage link when I changed HD. I've tried since then to navigate through that website but can't seem to find it. Perhaps someone else can link that.

Other than that, my recommendation is to have the rolls in the gun already include the stats you'd prefer to keep on the gun, before you try to upgrade it to oj or supreme. For instance, on most automatics I prefer green mag and blue reload, then hope to end up with either FR (fire rate)/Dmg or Dmg/FR for non crit weapons like bombadiers and blast rifles... or Crit/Dmg or Dmg/Crit on most others {oj/sup roll}. So depending upon the current rolls of the gun, you have to pick your best path. I tend towards fixing the green/blue before supping, since I assume that either the sup will not be right, and that will be more valuable to correct after supping. Then if my sup comes out ok, I can roll the oj, or purple roll at that point if all's worked out perfectly.

Yes, sometimes reload or mag ends up in the oj or sup slot and then you have to salvage it as best you can, but then I still have rolls I want on the gun, if not in my favored position.

Remember, you can (before you oj or supreme it) reroll the blue to force changes to both the green and white to your liking, first. You can do the same by rolling the oj roll, to force change the blue/green/white as desired but at 100AF a spin, you can piss away a LOT of AF in a hurry.

For example... I had a berserk CDC blast rifle with blue dmg and oj recoil, and I chose to spin the oj to force the blue dmg roll to change specifically to reload. After 3500 AF I still had not had that occur. If that ever happened, I would then have had one, two or three more rerolls of the oj... praying the green/blue rolls did not change to get the oj to either FR or dmg (if it wasn't already upon getting blue reload). That last part is risky.

Instead, it played out like this. I settled on just straight changing the blue to reload to stop the bleeding. It had green crit before but I changed it to mag by continuing to spin the blue roll. That was 400-500 AF. But I had my green mag, blue reload. I left recoil in the oj slot, knowing I'd want to change roll it off completely, somehow. Supping it gave me sup mag. Green went to FR, improving from white, white went to Acc. Then I was left rolling the sup, hoping to spin the oj roll too. First attempt was sup recoil (so recoil moved from oj to sup) changing oj to dmg. A decent step, I rolled the sup again praying for sup FR. Instead I got sup dmg, forcing the oj roll to change... it went to crit. The second mastery landed on straight 1.20 crit, leaving the gun at 1.7x crit multi. So with FR in green, losing my mag roll entirely, there's currently 55 in the clip, using a fire reload converter mag currently... the reload in 2GA setup is .9 (probably some reload chips involved too) on my berserk fire cdc BR. That's how it sits now, with a total of approximately 6.5k AF spent, in total. So far. I'm not keen on stacking crit in BR's, but it's certainly playable as is, even with 55 in the mag.

Hopefully, this verbose reply gives you some idea on how a 4+ yr old veteran ArkHunter approached one of his much sought after Iron Demon vendor JP's. May you have better luck on yours.

02-23-2018, 09:39 AM
Noticed this but sure it's fact. On my Ex Innis det. it added
T6 reload as this was the only option not listed ie dmg, reload etc.
now the det has .9 reload and I love it!

02-23-2018, 05:28 PM
Alrighty thanks everyone for the help I think I have a slight understanding of how it works now