View Full Version : WARNING to other players. Do NOT rank skill all the way to 20. Pls read.

St Marks
04-10-2013, 04:07 AM
I hit level 20 in rollers from racing. As I hit rank 20 while racing, the rank up messages started scrolling rapidly... rank up level 21 string error 0_ blah blah blah.. rank up level 22 string error 0 blah blah blah. This kept ticking away until rank 40. Yeah, I know, there is no rank 40, but that's what happened. Later, when I check my skills, guess what... I'm level 1 again. Yeah, all those silver and gold racing medals, with just a few golds left to get the black dodge from Pedal to the Medal... and I'm driving a lawn mower again.

So I contacted Support to let them know, and asked them to restore my skill rank to 20. I waited... I waited.. I waited. I'm a patient guy. I've played MMOs since UO in 1997, so I know how things like this work. Someone will fix it. Finally I checked my ticket again... it has been closed. CLOSED?! By who? WTF?!

My skill is now back up to 6, but really whats the point in continuing to play? I don't know if other skills will do the same thing. In the meantime, I'm rather irate. That level of Customer Service sucks. Its clearly a major flaw if you're maxed out skills can roll back over to rank 1. Then you can't even get the matter addressed or have a GM contact you back. They just close the ticket, and apparently ignore the problem.

I've been very patient about the bugs in this game. I've had boss mobs on Arkfalls bug out. There are still two zones whose pursuits I can't complete fully. One is the Hotshot the is missing. The other is the side mission "Cut Em Down to Size" which I've done over and over and over. Everytime I finish it, the mission just ends. I don't get credit and it reappears on my mission map.

All that PALES in comparison to time invested ranking a skill to max level and then having it reset to rank 1. This game will go straight down the tubes if this serious issue isn't fixed, and people's skills reset to the correct rank.

I'm a huge fan of this game/TV show concept. Forked out the $150 for the ultimate box for my wife (just so I could get the statue), but I'm really disappointed by how this problem was handled. They could have reset my skill and said Ooops. Not just closed the ticket and ignored the problem. I'd really like someone from the Development Team to address this issue. Is it or is it not COMPLETELY safe to max out your ranks in skills. Atm, it is not. Thanks.

04-10-2013, 04:08 AM
This is already known, check the other threads ;)