View Full Version : Clan system is a bust-need clan pvp options

04-10-2013, 06:22 AM
Ok so this game is an MMO its all about multiplayer and gaming with a mass community. So it completely shocks me to see how busted the clan/guild system is, especially since this is an mmo from the likes of rift. I been gaming 20 years I'm not shocked so easily. Where do I begin? First off simple stuff not being included like explanation of guild rank permissions. Do you think its fun trying to figure out who has the ability to kick members and ruin your clan? Guild banks, where are they? Implementing guild battle phases or areas wouldn't kill you either. Lets just move on to bugs and the glitches cause I could complain all day about the watered down guild system. Look how old World of warcraft is and they have tons more options on an outdated game. Here's why its a complete bust. On PS3 I invited tons of members to my clan/guild, cool right? No cause space monkeys made the clan system and simple things don't even work. I can only scroll hallway through my clan roster. So I can only promote like half my clan, wtf. If you scroll down too far about halfway through it takes you and puts you randomly back up towards the list so you could just keep on scrolling forever in infinity. Ok so I figure Ill kick inactive members. Good idea right? WRONG. I go to kick inactive people who haven't been on in like 5 days and I couldn't kick 1 single person out my clan, WTF...... Ok example- Would you like to Kick DanBowie and I click yes, nothing happened. So I went to kick next person with a totally different name and it ask again would you like to kick DanBowie. WTF not even on that members name anymore and still nothing happen. So now my clan roster is completely busted on ps3 on a game meant to play with friends and others to have fun. Soooo disappointed and fyi I really like this game and even spent 80$ on ingame store money so Im def not a defiance hater. I love this game. Ark Hunters Army signing off.......

04-10-2013, 07:11 AM
I am sure the clan system will get more robust as time goes. One thing you mentioned is wow, wow is an old game which actually works to its benefit. That means they have had years and years to tweak and make it work the way they want and the community felt it should. I am not sure on clan banks or any of that stuff, not sure if those will ever come to fruition. All that being said, maybe they wanted clans here to be like clans in other proper shooters, nothing more than a big friends list. I doubt that is the case very highly, but it's not impossible. I have actually held off on joining a clan for the specific reason of, there is no reason unless people are buying the clan wide buffs.