View Full Version : My Dislikes about the game

04-10-2013, 09:52 AM
Ok the game is awesome but really lacks that Mmo feel to me. I was hoping to be able to play all the missions in a group setting. Its a little upsetting that several of them have to be done solo. The micro transactions dont bother me but if they start to use that as a way for others to gain an advantage then yea i will be upset. The community as well is a little upsetting in all honesty In my personal opinion an mmo is about helping each other out to acheive end game content. I try to always stop if i see someone struggling. The missions are a bit repedative but this is a given most Mmos quest are liike this. I would love to see quest where you can make a decision ie Kill npc A and retrive an item then be given the choice to either keep the item or return it to its rightful owner. I will say Trion is doing a great job trying to pull all the kinks and bugs out Having an Mmo across three different platforms is not an easy job I cant wait to see the upcoming Dlc. Im just curious to see what others think so shoot a few comments