View Full Version : Sniper Problems

04-13-2018, 11:39 AM

Enemy jerky movement can be a problem, and that some enemies don't even have a weak point. But probably the two worst things, are snipers being limited by draw range, what's even the point of a high level scope when if you honestly tried to stand back far enough to snipe with it then you quite literally can't even hit the enemy, and explosives!

I mean, even standing back and trying to snipe can be a chore at times. But when you have to stand in the middle of enemy spawn points, so that you can turn to shoot them, as some enemies are extra picky about where you have to hit for critical shots, then having people just blindly raining explosives on both you and the enemies in the nearby vicinity, can make it all but impossible to get an accurate shot off. Sniper is great solo, for anything with consistent critical spots, but having to try to locate a target, line up for the critical shot, and actually shoot accurately, all before just the first explosion from someone goes off, otherwise you may not get another solid chance, is not fun at all.
And no, turning off UI Shake does not change this, as screen shake and UI shake are two different things.

Any hopes that when 2050 comes out, things will be better optimized/customized/smoothed over so that when you're sniping on the game, it doesn't feel you're being punished with a group?