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04-13-2018, 12:07 PM
Hey man,

Would love to chat sometime, discord style, but for now, the question about the lore/story progression.

I could tell you what I think should have happened in the 4 years since the new Freedom Crashed. I know what most of the original story line was supposed to be and I have over the years dissected the story and plot of the different races and NPC's including Mobs in game and I have a pretty good idea where the End Game actually SHOULD be.

I could post it all here, but that doesn't tell me what you folks have planned or changed for 2050. Part of our K-TAM Radio project is to be in character/in theme as much as possible and we have 2+ years of pretty solid Defiance only content based on the current game. I don't expect everything to be exactly the same and I want to make what tweaks that are needed to be in line come launch and not based on what I think should happen/be the story line.

I'm friends with the original Lore team so I know what was in their minds before SyFy told Trion they were taking over and SyFy pooched the lore and story and sadly screwed you guys over in the process as far as the game development goes.

Defiance is 2046, the TV show, and I am watching it again to confirm, takes place over about 4 years. This brings us to 2050.

However, if you follow the TV show Lore the game as we know it today could not exist. There needs to be a lot of Ret-Con to make the game for 2050. This would mean a redaction of Irisa and the Arkbrain Kiziri which would also mean no Omec as there would no longer be a catalyst for them to discover Earth by following the Energy signal. This would also likely mean Varus would still live... at least for a while longer. The e-Rep and Votanis collective would survive as would the Ark belt. Which is the principal objective of the Game.

There are some things that should have changed in 4 years and I would be happy to chat with you or your lore team about those ideas and story progression, but it is your game and I would like to create our content to be as inline as possible while still making sense in the greater picture and being faithful to the original game story and lore.

K-TAM has often be credited, on these forums even, for telling a better story than the Game did. We just fleshed it out and gave some reasons for why somethings happened... like why the Volge are in the Bay area to start with. Who is really controlling the Scrappers? Why do the Miners hoard Gulanite? Why is Grant's E-REP different from all the others that attack on site and so on.

What's happening to the New Freedom after 4 years? Where is the Maglev? Where are the people of the Bay? It's a ghost town, who is Shandu the governess of? Less than 60 NPC's in the game, including farmers. Should be more people for a populated area and so on.

Happy to Chat with you or your lore team about what you have in mind for 2050's story progression so we can start working on new shows/content to help entertain the Bay area even more than we already do at K-TAM Radio.