View Full Version : My Feedback of DF2050 so far.

04-21-2018, 07:49 AM
Overall, it's not such a bad game considering it's in closed beta development stage, it has potential, i encountered 2 bugs so far, and a few suggestions for future development.

- BUG : Class points available message show up in the ingame HUD (but not in the character menu)
- BUG : Defiance server timed out, got spawned back, now i'm stuck in the first level, can't escape it.

- Clearly notice trigger voice scripts on certain points on the map (same speech every time you trigger certain point in the map)
- Low quality textures, suggestion : in future release a HD Texture pack
- Invisible walls (edge of map borders), suggestion : leaving mission area warning (after few seconds spawns you back to within mission area)
- Body hit sounds are weird , too "hack 'n slash"
- Difference between "High" and "Custom" Graphics?
- Jumping feels strange in regards to gravity (almost like you are on the moon?)
- Include a FOV FieldOfView setting (the difference in sprinting FOV and regular FOV almost creates motion sickness).