View Full Version : This thread any and all good and complaints problems here.!

04-22-2018, 04:35 AM
I made this this thread for a basic reason. and that reason is anything goes. all complaints all good and anything that people feel need to be in the open reply here . basically a free for all to let loose and fight it out. call it it a stress relief. so let the bs begin and i am very certain what we say will show trion how much we care about this game even if we swear and ripp our guts out and show um.

i only do this 1 time and this is it ........

so do i start heh . i cant but say 2050 su k s for many reasons but can be fixed. i need a brave soul to get this rolling. i cant say much. cmon this is the thread to let it all fly just spout it out.!