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04-29-2018, 06:54 PM
A few of my thoughts regarding what I think of this new Defiance game from my experience with the beta.

TLDR: I don't care for it at all.

First and foremost I think I eco many of the voices here when I say this isn't a new game at all. It has a fresh-ish coat of paint and (from the beta) little else to offer.

Second, this game still feels very last gen. The animations are still clunky and often seeing cases of "broken wrist" animations when the charicter interacts with things. Also the "woddle" run is still very much here.

Third, I'm always very concerned when a game needs ten, yes TEN different currency systems. This isn't only bad game design but is quite frankly an abhorrent practice, often used to control player wealth and often is used to thumbscrew the player with as many microtransactions as possible.

Four, poor animations. I touched on this when I said the game felt last gen but I feel like it warrants more detail. The vehicles "glide" across the ground with very little feedback or realistic bump or sway to how they move. Also when an enemy points and shouts at me while bullets fly out the SIDE of the barrel of his gun, that's very low quality control.

Fith, arcfalls are still kinda meh. They aren't exciting, you still just basically stand there pumping bullits into a target the size of a house that stays nice and still for you. With thirty other people, for five or so minutes... With current generation hardware I seriously expected more.

Six, a lot of it is untouched. You seriously didn't innovate or revisit anything (shown in the beta). Did anyone consider reworking old quests or missions with a fresh view?

Seven, guns and bullet sponges. Enemies are still bullet sponges with very little meaningful rewards for tactics or stealthy game play. Environmental explosions are laughably weak. There is very little meaningful difference between weapons. Shotguns are still objectively useless over any mid-range rifle. And the unaimed retical on the shotgun is comically huge.

Eight, some parts of this story seriously need a rewrite. Many parts of this story are very well written. Others sound like they came out of a romantically deprived teenager's bad fanfiction blog.

Nine, melee... The rifle bash is the single most lazy melee you can conceive of in this day and age. Again, five years ago you could get away with it if you're on a budget. But today, really? Still the rifle bash for melee?

- I was going to go on a small rant here about my over all feeling about how this "new" game is more of an insult, rather than a new chapter in this story. But I believe most of you already know that. And I'd you don't, there's no convincing you otherwise.

So that's about it. Unless someone wants to pay me for a 100% Analyst rundown of the game. Basically that's just my thoughts. I don't really care about yours, but please, waste your time if it makes you feel better to shout into the void.

I for one will not be returning to this game when it releases. And my hellbug statue will join Duke on the shelf of failure. Perhaps I'll give the game another look in six months. But I'll probably be playing something else. Like Warframe, or Monster Hunter, or Smash Brothers.


04-29-2018, 09:05 PM
Good to know this.

05-01-2018, 07:43 AM
I could write my own impressions again, but I would practically just write the same things you did.
It's a huge, nay a colossal disappointment.