View Full Version : Just a thought: TRION might have to merge servers sooner or later.

05-18-2018, 11:16 AM
Trion might.. Well they WILL have to merge servers at some point. I dont know about PC or PS3, but Xbox 360 servers are struggling, and the community is getting smaller and smaller everyday. Big clans die, and really there are only handful of players active anymore, and even the acitve ones are scattered across numerous of clans etc.. We do our best to recruit, and teach noobs, but that is not even close to enough. There are still enough players that it IS worth it to keeo the servers runnin BUT yeah, they are so scattered that it is not looking good. We are doing our part in keeping the community alive.

There are so few really active daily players that running EU and NA is a waste. So few players that for 2 servers it is not really worth it much longer, and at this rate TRION will have to close them soon. HOWEVER there are solutions to this problem. Merging the 2 servers to one server would make that server active enough to create multiple phases open and fully active server. It would save the remaining community on Xbox 360. Also TRION cant say that merge is not possible, because this is a common thing to do in MMO-games when the population in struggling. It also wastes ALOT of TRION's resources, and by merging the servers, they would get few server-machines free for other games too. It would be win & win situation for both. Community, and TRION. There are still plenty players who use real money to buy their Patron Passes and other stuff to make money to TRION, so I reckon TRION would want to keep those players as long they can. This merge would not be a bad idea to do sooner or later... Again it would save the remaining community at least for some time, and get one really fun active server from 2 almost dead ones.

If Devs see this, please take notice. At least take this thought ti your heads, and think about it. It's a good idea to do when the community is only getting smaller. It will not going to see its glory days ever again, but you still have ALOT loyal players who would really appreciate and also stay loyal and active, aspecially when something good like this would be done. Also it would not take so much of your recources either to run one server with actually mostly active players, instead of 2 dead servers with only handful on really actives in each. However the active players would be enough to make that one server really really really worth it to stay playing 24/7 like we do.

05-18-2018, 11:24 AM
I donīt think they can do that due to how the game is designed (just speculating).

Elastik Spastik
05-18-2018, 11:26 AM
Would be good if they could.

05-18-2018, 11:36 AM
They could do it, if they wanted to. It is very common thing to do in MMORPG games especially. I've witnessed it done in multiple MMO games, and Defiance is one of the simplest ones. Some games have way more to transfer than just personal stuff like items, and clans etc.. It can be done, but it's a different issue, if TRION has any interest of doing it or not. It could be done, and would be a good thing for the remaining active loyal community, but dont get your hopes up. This was just an idea and thought. Something HAS TO BE DONE sooner or later, or our beloved game wont be here for much longer. I'm only trying to think about our future a little bit. Maybe not merge, but something has to be done. Even if all the active players per server joined in a same clan, it would not be enough. It would win time yeah, and would be fun, but it also would not last long like that. Either the clan would scatter, and everything go back to normal, or something else would happen. The point is that if TRION wants to keep this going as much as us players, they will have to think about this issue also at some point. They will start wasting resources very soon to this game, if it be left going to waste like this. We all know it, so lets at least TRY to do what we can. If you have any other good idea, please post them on this forum in a way that Devs hopefully see it. I believe im not the only one who wouldnt want to lose this game.

05-18-2018, 11:39 AM
This would ruin the already crippled servers... the population issue can’t be helped, when people lose interest in a online game, several online components that are supposed to be enjoyed with other players die and soon after the game.


05-18-2018, 11:56 AM
It would help the community of whats still playing everyday and not going anywhere. There are players who are not quitting, and they play everyday. There are a good amount of them for one server. This idea is for those loyal players who deserve all he good trion gives them. We are what is keeping this game alive. Regular players come and go, but loyal "main" players are the ones who stay and even keep the communities in the servers going. This merge thing is VERY common thing and has always been with MMO -games. It has proven to be good. The real issue here is that trion has it's interest in other thing right now, and its understandable. However there are still more than enough us active loyal players who keep this game running. The merge would save resources from trion, and also get the bigger community closer together. If you have any other ideas, please say. We dont need negative people here to judge our efforts to at least try to do something to this community before its too late. It is just as much up to us as community to get trions attention, than its trions responsibility to pay attention to their players. If you have any good ideas, please say them. All even decent ideas can be made to work, if really wanted to. What we need now, is the community to think about itself and what can be still done, and NOT just take an attitude to screw everything up and give up. It is not too late YET. If things were done right, this game could easily be running another year, and even make few pennies in trion's pocket. If we give up now, remember my words, we dont have a community, or game to play with much longer after summer. So lets at least try to do something eh?