View Full Version : Shadow War Question... Am I Missing Something? 360

04-10-2013, 01:49 PM
I know there is matchmaking for TDM and Shadow Wars but isn't there supposed to be an option that you play in the game world normally and much like the 'Arkfalls' appearing in random locations, the 'Shadow Wars' do the same... I could've sworn prior to the release they were discussing this, like how there are pvp servers that you play the game normally but there are chances to be attacked by arkhunters.. Idk if this is coming on the 15th with the big update, but the reason I ask is because if you look at the map, the Legend has a symbol for 'Shadow War' directly underneath the 'Arkfall' symbol which I thought meant that there would be random Shadow Wars appearing around the game world. Even in the trailer I remember seeing the map and all these different shadow wars happening all over the map. Everytime I go to shadow war from the dpad it puts me in queue and then the game starts. After the shadow war is over you can play again otherwise it returns you to the regular world. If what I am asking is possible, if anyone knows more about it, it would be much appreciated. thanks